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A Champagne Gift For Christmas

This is probably the last article that I am going to write about champagne gifts for Christmas! We've all been eagerly waiting this festive time of year and it's going to soon be upon us. BUT if you are still not sure of what to get your loved ones this festive season then I just want to quickly recap over our range of champagne gifts and why they will make a lovely gift for your friends and family this Christmas.

Firstly let me mention the extent of our range... we have a lot of different champagne gifts starting from personalised champagne, engraved champagne flutes and brand champagne gifts. There is a huge variety and our range of engraved champagne flutes is probably one of the largest around on the internet!

So my favourite champagne gift is our personalised champagne, in fact in general this is quite a Personalised Champagne Gift popular gift especially around Christmas time! Our customers like that fact that they can personalise their gift online and see how it is going to look even before they buy it. Our personalisation software allows the customer to upload photos and graphics onto a blank label, they can rotate the images and move them around the label until they are happy with how the label design looks. You can also add text to the label too, think of a unique and personal message to complete your label! Personalised champagne is a fun idea... it's almost like a greetings card on a champagne gift. If you don't fancy designing your own personalised champagne label because you have no idea where to start or what photos to use then we have a range of pre-designed champagne labels for you to choose. Some of our Christmas designs have been really popular! Especially our Personalised Ice Snowman design. If you would like to see more of our champagne label designs have a look at personalised champagne designs.

If you would rather give a gift that might last a bit past new year (champagne is about celebrating and I would hope those bottles of personalised champagne would have their corks popped on Christmas day!!), then you might like to consider one of our personalised champagne flutes? We have a wonderful range of champagne flutes to choose from and they would make wonderful Christmas gifts. The nice thing about our engraved champagne flutes is that they are all so stylish that they not only have a practical use but they would also make a nice display piece. They'd probably attract a nice bit of attention too as they are personalised... how many time have you picked up a greetings card and read a sweet message inside (the card not being addressed to you?!)... oh ok, just me then! As with our personalised champagne you can design your flutes using our personalisation software, you can choose the style of font that you want and also the colour of the font too... you can choose between gold and silver.

I quite like the idea of engraved champagne flutes as they are a very thoughtful gift. You can use them over and over again (with personalised champagne, once it's been drunk it's all gone, the only thing you could really use the bottle for after that is a candle holder), the champagne flutes could be brought out and used at plenty of other occasions in the future! They also have that sentimental and thoughtful touch.

Champagne Gift Set If you really want to push the boat out this festive season and combine both a thoughtful gift with something that can be drunk too then the perfect gift for you to get is a champagne gift set! We have so many different sorts of champagne sets. You can get one with just a champagne gift box which we have in a number of styles... some of them are like treasure chests while others and little cases with some champagne accessories inside them! Everything you'll need to get that champagne bottle open. We also have a some more luxurious champagne gift sets that combine both a bottle of personalised champagne (or engraved champagne) with a set of engraved champagne flutes. If you'd like to see our champagne set then click here: Champagne Sets

If you like the idea of a champagne set but want to create your own then you can do so. We offer a range of boxes and the majority of our champagne flutes can be used to make up a champagne gift set! If you like this idea then just browse our range of champagne boxes, take a look at the flutes that you might want to use in your gift set and then select from either personalised champagne, engraved champagne or even one of our brand champagne gifts!

Champagne is a lovely gift and would be lovely as a christmas gift. So if you are still stuck for a great festive gift idea it might be because you haven't thought about a champagne gift yet!

Date posted: 16/12/2010

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Engraved Champagne Gift
the service provided by your company was excellent however the gift was not for myself so i can only assume the product will be as good and have scored accordingly. Will definitely use you again
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Jen (28/09/2012)
Engraved Champagne Gift
Star rank:
Sally (24/09/2012)
Pink Champagne Box with Accessories, Engraved Champagne Gift
What a fabulous gift - something a little bit different but that can be cherished forever, even when it is empty ! Great service, super fast delivery for something that has been engraved with a personal message. Highly recommended !
Star rank:
Mag64s (19/09/2012)
Engraved Champagne Gift
Beautiful gifts of engraved champagne to mark in glass a spectacular evtraordinary day that will last as long as the memories. thank you.
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Yvonne Marie Parsons (16/09/2012)
Engraved Champagne Gift
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Stephen Ellis (16/09/2012)

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