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Personalised Champagne Flutes Make Great 30th Birthday Presents

If you want to give a 30th birthday gift that stands apart from the rest, then you should really think about giving a personalised gift. Nowadays people are quite partial to personalised gifts as they feel they are more sentimental. Personalised birthday gifts are special because they show you have taken more time and trouble over the gift than just grabbing one from the nearest shop! They donít have to cost the earth Ė read on for the best personalised birthday gift idea that wonít break the bank...

We think that the best gift that you can give someone who is about to turn 30 is a set ofengraved champagne flutes. We have a huge range of birthday champagne flutes that are available. What would make the 30th Birthday Gift even more special is if you personalised the flutes, you can have the flutes engraved with a personalised message of your choice. You can choose from our single 30th Birthday Champagne Flutes or you can choose from one our champagne flute sets - there are just so many to choose from! When writing your personalised message, keep it short and simple! You can choose the colour of the engraving of the champagne flute too. We offer silver and gold font colours.

The reason that we think that champagne flutes are such as great gift is quite simple. They are an unusual gift - how many people do you know that have a set of engraved personalised champagne flutes, I am sure not many. So the great thing about them as a birthday gift is that they are very unique. Individual. And so they will be really appreciated. If you give a set of champagne flutes to someone who loves to drink champagne then you know that the flutes will get used on a regular basis... and that's what you want to give someone a gift and know it will be appreciated and used. Also people would probably want to show off the beautiful flutes that you have given them and thus would use any opportunity that they could to get the personalised champagne flutes out to use them.

Some of the champagne flutes that we have are very decorative and thus would make really nice display pieces in your display cabinet. It's not always about using the glass to serve champagne, sometimes they are just very nice to look at! But still if you gift makes it into the display cabinet you'll know that they have like it alot.

So quite simply there are a number of reasons why champagne flutes make great birthday gifts, they are pretty and functional, inexpensive but have added value when they are engraved. The recipient will enjoy using them because each time they do and they read the engraved message that you have written onto the flutes that will be reminded about the sentiment with which you gave the flutes! Also the 30th Birthday is all about partying and celebration and what say celebration more than champagne being drunk from engraved champagne flutes?

Date posted: 05/08/2010

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Personalised Champagne 75cl
Really plesed with the service, especially how the designer created the labels specially for us which looked great! They will be great prizes at our conference!
Star rank:
Kathryn Hall (10/10/2012)
Personalised Champagne, Wooden Wine Box Single
The customer service was fantastic, i made a little mistake by downloading the wrong picture and when i rang them to explain they re done all my order for me!! Delivery was super quick to, very amazed and very very pleased with the product. Thank you. xxx
Star rank:
Miranda Sampson (15/08/2012)
Champagne Box with Labels, Personalised Champagne
Extremely happy with the product excellent presentation and persons receiving were more than pleased
Star rank:
Peter Mcdonald (07/08/2012)
Personalised Champagne 75cl
Great hassle free service, best customer service I have had in a long while, order was dealt with promptly and efficiently, queries responded to quickly.
Star rank:
Lynne67 (30/07/2012)
Personalised Champagne, Standard Twin Champagne Glasses, Blue Gift Box for Champagne and Flutes
Excellent service, very impressed and I will defintely be advising others to use you for that special gift............
Star rank:
Jean Stephens (12/07/2012)

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