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The Great Champagne Gifts

Some of the greatest gifts ever, are also the most popular. Its no secret that champagne gifts have been a perfect way to celebrate a birthday, wedding, or anniversary, in years gone by, and Id be surprised if that changes anytime soon. Birthdays, especially on the big years and landmark birthdays, have long been affiliated with champagne gifts. From the 18th birthday to the 70th birthday, champagne is a terrific way to celebrate.

Champagne History

Champagne has its origins in the vineyards of the ancient Romans. They first planted grapes in the champagne region of France in the 5th century. Ever since then Champagne has been used for all kinds of celebrations; such as from Weddings and Anniversaries to Birthdays and Christmas. Never has a drink been so universal, and so universally loved. The great variety of personalised champagne and engraved champagne on offer is mind boggling. From Magnums and Jeroboams to champagne gift sets and Christmas champagne, never has a drink been more versatile. Champagne is such a fine drink to have for any and every celebration any event. Think about those Christmas parties, when you need some bubbly to liven up the party. Also, the same with an engagement or a wedding to toast the happy couple.

As more and more sparkling wine was produced in the 18th century, the people who worked in the wine cellars would have to wear a heavy iron mask to prevent them getting injured by spontaneously bursting bottles. Luckily technology has moved on since then, and champagne bottles can withstand a lot more rough and tumble, without losing any of their fizz. After all, the bubbles in a bottle of Champagne are what gives the drink its sparkle.

Champagne Gifts

The best thing about Champagne is the great number of different occasions it can be used to celebrate. Wedding Champagne is the traditional drink when toasting newlyweds, as well as the traditional drink when celebrating the 'coming of age' of a young adult. For an 18th birthday or a 21st birthday, there has never been a more appropriate drink than Champagne. It is a great way to celebrate in style, and can be a very classy touch at a birthday party or other anniversary.

Brand champagne is perhaps the most special way of letting someone know what they mean to you. Imagine receiving a bottle of Bollinger, Cristal, Mumm, or Lanson Black Label, on your 21st birthday. The brand Champagnes available are all high quality bottles, with great flavour, and lots of bubbles to tickle the tongues of happy party goers, or happy wedding guests.
Date posted: 22/09/2010

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Engraved Rose Champagne
Very quick service, bottle looks very good. Will use again and again
Star rank:
Mr Brian Wright (04/10/2012)
Engraved Champagne Gift
the service provided by your company was excellent however the gift was not for myself so i can only assume the product will be as good and have scored accordingly. Will definitely use you again
Star rank:
Jen (28/09/2012)
Engraved Champagne Gift
Star rank:
Sally (24/09/2012)
Pink Champagne Box with Accessories, Engraved Champagne Gift
What a fabulous gift - something a little bit different but that can be cherished forever, even when it is empty ! Great service, super fast delivery for something that has been engraved with a personal message. Highly recommended !
Star rank:
Mag64s (19/09/2012)
Engraved Champagne Gift
Beautiful gifts of engraved champagne to mark in glass a spectacular evtraordinary day that will last as long as the memories. thank you.
Star rank:
Yvonne Marie Parsons (16/09/2012)

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